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Here at AIM TKD, we offer classes and programs for various age groups, as well as, families who wish to train together.  Check out our various Progams to see which fits best for you!

Regular Programs

Juniors TKD – ages 6-12

 The Juniors’ program trains children from ages 6 to 12 in traditional Taekwondo.  In addition to developing physical skills such as self-defense and improving general fitness, our juniors’ Taekwondo program also helps each child to discover his or her greatest potential through confidence and self-esteem.  Studies have shown that martial arts improve both self-esteem and social competency in children.  There is a direct correlation between high self-esteem and LIFE LONG ACHIEVEMENT!

 Our structured program offers several benefits:

  •  Teaches discipline & self-control
  • Develops respect for themselves and others
  • Helps channel aggressive energy
Teens & Adults – ages 13 & up

 Much like our children’s programs, our teen and adult classes are centered on the concept of “Personal Victory”. Adult students find many benefits, such as:

  • Increased physical fitness
  • Stress relief
  • Increased confidence
  • Self-defense & Life skills

Teens and Adults enjoy the great workouts, the realistic and effective self-defense, the challenging, well-rounded curriculum and our family oriented atmosphere.

Demo Team

Demo Team Tryouts are held once a year in August.  We compete at the Taekwondo United Spring National Tournament held each March, as well as, perform around the community demonstrating the Art of Taekwondo and representing our AIM Taekwondo Center.  Being a member of this Award winning Demo Team takes commitment, responsibility and hard work, BUT ask any one of them and they will immediately tell you the rewards make it worth it!!!!

  • UTA – 2012 National Champions
  • Taekwondo United – 2013 National Champions
  • Taekwondo United – 2014 2nd Place
  • Taekwondo United – 2015 1st Place – National Champions
Leadership/Instructor Program

Our Instructor class is designed to provide proper training to develop outstanding leaders and teachers within our school and our community.  We prepare them for positive interaction with students and the people they meet and influence on a daily basis.  Each class contains rank requirement material review, developing consistency in teaching the rank material and the instructional material relevant to each Level within our Trainee Instructor Program.  We also cover public speaking skills, psychology and learning theory for all age groups and competency in diagnosing and correcting mistakes in material and performance.

Instructor class is also open for Black Belts interested in reviewing all the material required to enter the Instructor/Leadership program and test for their appropriate collar.

Leadership Program

Gold Collar – ages 8 & 9 – Candidates must know and perform White, Yellow and Orange Belt material.  There is also a basic written test.

Blue Collar – ages 10 – 12 – Candidates must know and perform White through Blue Belt material.  There is also a basic written test.

Trainee Instructor Program

Red Collar – ages 13 & up – Candidates must know and perform White through Red Belt material.  There is also a written test.

Moved to Mondays – 7:00-8:00pm
ALL Collars are expected to attend!  If you are interested in becoming a Leadership Student or Instructor, you are welcome to attend this class!


Demo Team

Our Demo Team is made up of students who earned their place on our team, through hard work, great attitude, discipline and a desire to show off their Taekwondo skills and to represent our school! Our Team has earned high honors in many major competitions over the year. Awards: 2012 – 1st Place – […]

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