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T.A.S.K. - After School Program


Taekwondo  After  School  Kid’s Club

Looking for a Qualified After School Center?

     Our After School and Summer Camp Programs are supervised by a fully qualified staff and overseen by its Program Director. Master Word began teaching Taekwondo in 1986, and has been working with the children, families and schools in Florida for over 27 years. He and his wife, Dawn – who is a 4th Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor and Co-Owner of AIM Taekwondo, moved to Greensboro to open their school here.  Mrs. Word has 15 years of teaching experience working with children and together they are an excellent team to provide our students with a balance of discipline and fun learning!  Our commitment to the well-being and safety of your children is unmatched by any other martial arts school or any other after school operating within Guilford County. 

     If you are considering an After School Program for your child, make sure you take the time to visit our school and interview our staff members. We welcome your due diligence and interest to be certain that your child will be receiving the best possible care, positive reinforcement, and encouragement.  Remember, martial arts classes are included FREE!


Schools with Free Pick Up (2014-2015 School Year)

Alderman Elementary                                     Sedgefield Elementary

Jamestown Elementary                                  Pilot Elementary

Millis Road Elementary                                  Jamestown Middle School




Learn More about our program!

After School Center Hours: 2pm - 6pm (Mon - Fri)

     The AIM Taekwondo & Fitness Center After School Program is a great way to safely have your child transported from their elementary or middle school to AIM Taekwondo & Fitness Center where children have the opportunity to: 

  •          Study martial arts and become a Black belt
  •          Learn the value of leadership
  •          FREE pick-up from school
  •          Snack provided by AIM Taekwondo
  •          1 hour of supervised homework time daily.
  •          Improve socialization skills
  •          Develop conflict resolution abilities
  •          Practice discipline, courtesy, and respect
  •          Enjoy many forms of recognition and awards
  •          Experience exciting belt promotion ceremonies
  •          Fun Day every Friday - movies or trips to the park!


The After School Center was developed at the request of parents wanting an alternative to the typical after care environment. The objective of the After School Martial Arts Program is to create a fun and safe experience every afternoon after school that encourages children to build good relationships, learn martial arts, and demonstrate responsibility by completing their homework assignments.

The children are continuously supervised by experienced T.A.S.K. staff members.  Our Certified Black belt Instructors and Junior Leaders enjoy inspiring our T.A.S.K. members to have fun, learn important life-skills and achieve their goals!  The daily routine is punctual and organized. Parents can concentrate on their job with the peace of mind that their children are having fun after school, making good use of their time, and staying healthy from the exercise.

Ultimately, the children will become Black belt Leaders and role models. The martial arts curriculum is comprehensive. If your child is attending an after-care program now, then usually enrolling in our After School Center is more affordable. Then, evenings can be saved for quality family time and eliminate the stress of having to manage dinner, homework, evening activities, and bed time schedules.