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Taekwondo Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties


Now you can have your birthdays here at AIM Taekwondo & Fitness!


If you are an AIM TKD student, you know how COOL Taekwondo IS and how much fun it can be!  Invite your friends to come see how cool YOU are…and to help you celebrate your birthday! 


If you are new to Taekwondo, have your birthday here and have a great time learning to kick, punch and protect yourself….not to mention the great food and FUN!

$99.00   (2 hours)


2 - Large pizzas (your choice of toppings)

2- drinks of your choice (soda, juice etc.)

1- 30 minute Taekwondo class

1- 30 minutes of games

*Parents are responsible for paper products & desserts.