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Our Instructors

Instructor Class description, Collar Requirements and Class Schedule

About Our Instructors


Robert Word







Mr. Word is our Program Director and Master Instructor.  He is a 6th Degree Black belt with over 30 years of martial arts experience.  Mr. Word began his martial arts training in Clearwater, FL. After his yellow belt test, he knew the martial arts would be a lifelong endeavor.  Throughout his Taekwondo training, Mr. Word has had the honor and privilege to train with many well known and influential Masters, such as, Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee, Grand Master Soon Ho Lee, Grand Master C.E. Sereff, and most notably, General Choi Hong Hi, the “Father of Taekwondo”.  Mr. Word also has training in Small Circle Jujitsu (joint locks and pressure points), Kyusho-Jitsu (pressure point applications) and Modern Arnis (Filipino stick and knife fighting).


Dawn Word








Mrs. Word is our Administrative Director.  She is a 4th Degree Black belt and Certified Instructor with over 15 years of martial arts experience.  Mrs. Word started her training in Gainesville, FL while attending the University of Florida (GO GATORS!)  For the next several years she worked hard to earn her Black belt and eventually became a “Triple Threat” Florida State Champ winning medals and trophies in Forms, Sparring and Weapons. Today,  she continues to enjoy competing, but truly loves teaching.



Seth Bryant








Mr. Bryant is a 3rd Degree Black belt, Level 3 - Trainee Instructor.  He began training in Taekwondo in March 2007.  His hobbies include hunting, fishing, drawing and taking Taekwondo.  As a trainee instuctor, he assists in classes throughout the week.  His ultimate goal is to become a Certified Instructor.  Mr. Bryant's knowledge, patience, humility and energy make him an inspiring role model for our junior and adult students alike.



T'Shira Brown


 Miss Brown is a 3rd Degree Black belt, Level 2 - Trainee Instructor.  She began her Taekwondo training in 2008.  Miss Brown's enthusiasm for Taekwondo can be felt through her natural talent, energetic presence, focused drive to "master" the next skill and her cheerful repoire with others!  Her main goals in Taekwondo are to become a Certified Instructor, to teach her own classes and eventually become a Grand Master!  Along with Taekwondo, her hobbies are playing volleyball and basketball.



Chris Siu








Mr. Siu is a 3rd Degree Black belt, Level 1 - Trainee Instructor.  He started training in Taekwondo in 2008.  Mr. Siu's passion for Taekwondo can be seen in his intensity, techinque and spirit, and by his willingness to help anyone who asks!  As a Trainee Instructor, his patience, knowledge and is eagerness to learn new things is an inspiration to everyone!  Outside of Taekwondo, Mr. Siu enjoys building and creating things.  His goal in Taekwondo is to train as long as he can, ultimately to become a 9th Degree!

Khalil Aziz

Mr. Aziz is a 2nd Degree Black belt, Level 1 - Trainee Instructor. He started his martial arts training at a young age, learning different styles of martial arts. He has been with AIM Taekwondo since October 2009. He learned a lot from each of his instructors, more than just martial arts, but also about life. He says "Each of my instructors have made me a better person".

Ruby Rowe








Mrs. Rowe is a 2nd Degree Black belt, Level 1 - Trainee Instructor.  

Noah Pawlik

Mr. Pawlik is a 2nd Degree Black belt, Level 1 - Trainee Instructor.  

Kateland Wilhite

Miss Wilhite is a 1st Degree Black belt, Level 1 - Trainee Instructor.


Mackenzie Wheeless

Miss Wheeless is a 1st Degree Black belt, Junior Leader. 




Alex Siu


Mr. Siu is a 2nd Degree Black belt, Level 2 - Junior Assistant.  




Our Instructor class is designed to provide proper training to develop outstanding leaders and teachers within our school and our community.  We prepare them for positive interaction with students and the people they meet and influence on a daily basis.  Each class contains rank requirement material review, developing consistency in teaching the rank material and the instructional material relevant to each Level within our Trainee Instructor Program.  We also cover public speaking skills, psychology and learning theory for all age groups and competency in diagnosing and correcting mistakes in material and performance.  

Instructor class is also open for Black Belts interested in reviewing all the material required to enter the Instructor/Leadership program and test for their appropriate collar. 

Leadership Program

Gold Collar - ages 8 & 9 - Candidates must know and perform White, Yellow and Orange Belt material.  There is also a basic written test. 

Blue Collar - ages 10 - 12 - Candidates must know and perform White through Blue Belt material.  There is also a basic written test. 


Trainee Instructor Program

Red Collar - ages 13 & up - Candidates must know and perform White through Red Belt material.  There is also a written test. 



Moved to Mondays - 6:00-7:00pm


ALL Collars are expected to attend!  If you are interested in becoming a Leadership Student or Instructor, you are welcome to attend this class!